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Rotator® Target System-Rotary Action Self-Resetting AR500 Reactive Steel Handgun and Shotgun Target


Price: $550.00

Rotator® Target System - Rotary Action Handgun-ShotgunTarget
(Patent # US 7,114,725 B2) Handgun and Shotgun use only

3/8” AR-500 Mil-Spec Armor Plate 
Self-resetting paddles w/ 8” x 8” impact areas
Bolted design eliminates weld failures
1" axle and 36" tubular stand set included. All hardware included.
Weight: 60 pounds; Max. Muzzle Velocity: 1500 fps.

8 yard minimum distance from shooter to target.  Recommended for outdoor use only

Ships – FOB Addison, IL 60101
Self-resetting paddles allow for lively rotary action that commences with well placed, coordinated hits.
Bolted construction eliminates the possibility of weld failures. Consistently responds during rapid-fire drills. Consecutive alternating rounds for 360° rotation:
.45 ACP: 4 – 6; .40 S&W: 5 – 8; .357 Magnum: 5 – 8; .357 SIG 5 – 8; 9mm: 8 - 12 (# of consecutive hits required for 360 degree rotation)

Reactive Steel Ammunition Guidelines: Frangible ammunition can reduce the potential for some injury-causing particles to shooters and spectators. In order to minimize risk to shooters and spectators, the exclusive use of frangible ammunition is highly recommended when shooting any steel target. Handgun: Use only quality duty / service type handgun ammunition with a maximum muzzle velocity of 1,500 FPS. Rifle: Ammunition muzzle velocity should not exceed 3,200 FPS. Shotgun: Use shotgun lead birdshot and buckshot ammunition only on steel targets. Never shoot any type of shotgun slugs at any steel target!  For all firearms: Never shoot Armor Piercing (AP), steel or hardened type ammunition at any steel plate! No Shotgun Slugs! Serious personal injury or death can result!
Disclaimer: Reactive steel targets are intended for a specific use of an inherently dangerous activity.  These products must be used in the intended manner only and in direct compliance and accord with the enclosed instructions. Even so, injury or property damage may occur. Any alteration of these targets or their use shall void all warranties expressed or implied. Other than the foregoing, there are no warranties or guaranties given nor any liability assumed by the manufacturer or authorized seller in the use or misuse of these products. All risk of injury, damage or use is assumed by and shall pass to the purchaser or user of these reactive steel targets.
Item Number: 6-ROTATOR
Manufacturer: Ravelin Group

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