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Protect against the immediate aftermath of an unintentional handgun discharge with our best selling Safe Direction Academy Pad or our newest item: the H.O.T. (Home Office Travel) Ballistic Pad.

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  • Safe Direction®  Gun Handling Safety Ballistic Containment Protection against the aftermath of an unintentional discharge.Use our Academy Pad™, H.O.T. Ballistic Pad, or Ballistic Resisitant Pistol Transport Cases with NIJ IIIA equivalency during handgun loading, unloading and maintenance.  Dry-fire with confidence using NIJ and UL® rated Safe Direction® Handgun and Rifle Rated Composite Armor Boards.  .
  • Reactive Steel Targets  Our AR 500 Reactive Steel Self-Resetting Rotator® Handgun-Shotgun Target and URT-Urban Rifle Target challenge shooters at every skill level. 

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