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Protect against the immediate aftermath of an unintentional handgun discharge with our best selling Safe Direction Academy Pad or our newest item: the H.O.T. (Home Office Travel) Ballistic Pad.

Ravelin Group Defensive Firearm Training

Ravelin Group
manufactures and sells Safe Direction® Ballistic Containment Products and AR 500 reactive steel targets including the Rotator® and URT Urban Rifle reactive steel targets. Ravelin Group is owned and operated by Steve Camp, whose 30 years of defensive firearm training and manufacturing experience combine to create and sell products that cultivate self confidence and competence through the development and practice of personal defensive skills. Steve Camp is a senior affiliate instructor with John Farnam's Defense Training International and a certified NRA instructor (199005381).

Steve Camp personally designed and holds the patent for the Safe Direction® Ballistic Resistant Gun Case (US patent # 8006604 A1)  as well as the Rotator® Rotary Action Handgun-Shotgun AR 500 reactive steel target (US patent # 7114725 B2). Our products are in use in US Federal and State agencies as well as internationlly. Ravelin Group also represents and sells Sage International Less Lethal Ordnance, DKX Armor, CorBon ammunition, and Groves Combat Rescue Slings.

Steve Camp authors and edits Ravelin's Blog with firearms related articles of interest.

Safe Direction® Ballistic Contaiment Pads, Boards and Cases
Safe Direction Ballistic Containment Products
AR 500 Reactive Steel Targets
AR 500 Reactive Steel Targets
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Bolt Carrier Groups-DKX Hard Armor-Combat Rescue Sling

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